Work, Wages & the Future of Nashville


Open Forum

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Doors: 8:30am / Program: 9 to 11:30am

TSU Avon Williams Campus

330 10th Avenue, North



The 2019 Nashville Rising Forum: Decency of Work for All is an opportunity for a cross-sectional audience of our business, entrepreneurial, hospitality, government, nonprofit, workforce, and advocacy communities, along with interested members of the public, to examine how we can build a culture of “decency of work for all” who live and work in the Nashville community. This gathering will link and build on conversations centered on the conditions of employment, already begun by various community groups, to create a shared vision and a community covenant that will serve as standards for what constitutes an ethical and fair workplace in Nashville.


A Voice for the Reduction of Poverty

A VOICE for the Reduction of Poverty is a grassroots coalition of Nashvillians committed to reducing poverty and its devastating effects on far too many citizens within our city. We believe it is both our moral and economic imperative to advocate for programs and opportunities that will lift our citizens out of poverty and place them on the road towards an improved quality of life. To do this, we believe we must educate ourselves about the issues and realities related to poverty and collectively raise our voice in support of policies and programs that will help eradicate it.


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